Building RPC layer in a distributed system using Netty – An introductory tutorial

In this post, I will talk about how we can build a minimal RPC layer of a distributed system using Netty. By the end of this post, readers will have some familiarity with Netty concepts, protocol buffers and how these can be put together to build an initial (somewhat rudimentary) version of messaging component in... Continue Reading →

Notes on Distributed Systems (Part 1)

Eventual Consistency in a shared data replicated distributed system implies the following: A read operation R on data object X is not guaranteed to return the value of most recent completed write operation W on data object X. Alternatively, in a distributed system based on eventual consistency, it is possible for the readers to see... Continue Reading →

Leader Election and Log Replication in Raft – Part 2

In the last part of this post, I gave a general overview of Raft followed by Leader Election algorithm. We now need to discuss, how leader does the consistent replication of log onto the follower nodes, few more safety properties, and constraints on the election mechanism. Log Replication For now let's assume that client requests... Continue Reading →

What is the difference between scaling horizontally vs scaling vertically? How can this affect the design decisions that are made?

[Sharing my answer to the above question on Quora] Horizontal Scaling - also referred to as "scale-out" is basically the addition of more machines or setting up a cluster or a distributed environment for your software system. This usually requires a load-balancer program which is a middle-ware component in the standard 3 tier client-server architectural... Continue Reading →

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